How was done

As a result of our research and learning so much about chemicals and toxic ingredients, we now live as healthy as is possible for us, which means making conscious informed choices about what we buy to eat, drink, wash and clean with.  Reducing the unnecessary toxic exposure is the key to a start of good health.  It is impossible to have good sustainable health, while still exposing yourself and your family daily to harmful ingredients. It may seem impossible, but it is quite simple and you don’t have to be an expert in chemistry.

You just have to know an ethical manufacturer, who cares and stands by his mission on quality: Not to use dangerous ingredients. It is not only that this manufacturer would care about its consumers and his reputation, but also about our waterways and environment. Because what you use, washes down into nature and what would be our legacy for next generations? Companies are very sensitive about their image and how they are persevered by consumers. Which is why they spend so much money on tracking their sales and market research. Your choices, not to use their toxic product sends a very clear message. You actually create a shift at the market place. You ,in fact, vote with your retail dollars. Don’t trust the label. Trust the Manufacturer!

Here is how it is done:

  1. Switched brands. We stopped using all mainstream personal care, cleaning and washing products like shampoos, creams, toxic detergents and cleaners, toothpaste, washing powders, cosmetics, deodorisers etc, because we knew they had harmful ingredients, damaging slowly not just us, but our environment too.  The products we currently use are found to be free from dangerous man-made chemicals such as Lanolin, Sodium Laureth Sulfate(SLS/SLES), Propylene-glycols, Diethanolamine (DEA), Acetone, Chlorine derivatives, Formaldehyde,  all of which our bodies cannot process, breakdown and expel. In fact, we have eliminated over 3187 toxic and potentially dangerous ingredients from our products, otherwise used in mainstream production.
    Most of our products we buy on line. The company is a valued member of the Cancer Prevention Coalition and is the only one  endorsed to have the safest personal care products in the World by its Chairman and founder, Prof. Doctor Samuel Epstein. The same man, responsible for removing DDT from use in the farms all over the World, by bringing it to the attention of governments.
  2. Essential nutrition – We continue to supplement with plant based trace minerals in colloidal format, as well as macro- minerals,which are vital for the normal function of the cells in any tissue or organ, natural multivitamins and powerful antioxidants. Such products are aimed to aid our bodies to heal and repair, to process and eliminate accumulated toxins, cleansing our bio-system from free radicals, as well as remove damaged cells and built healthy new cells. By doing so, we have also ensured that every cell in our body has all the necessary nutrients at all time to ensure nominal function, replication and genetic integrity.
  3. Education. We educate ourselves, while being not otherwise productive e.g. driving, on train or bus, reading before bed etc. We turned our cars into mobile Universities by listening to researchers speeches. We learned how nutrition works with our bodies from experienced health researchers from all over the developed world experiences with nutritional therapies. We found out the science behind products and why are they the safest in the world.  Because of the high concentration of those products, as they don’t contain any filler or non-active ingredients, we save on coast as well. They are good for the environment too, as those products have non toxic by-products and enviro-friendly packaging, fully recyclable or biodegradable.

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