Dear new friend,

I wish I could present to everyone of you, those who are interested in everything that I have learned for the last 12 years. In a very succinct form, that will form a concept in your mind. An easy-to-do “step by step” daily living habits that will ensure that your family has sustainable health from now on. It is small steps, one at the time every day, if you are willing to go the way. A strong well trained functional immune system can fend off almost everything that our bodies are exposed to. In order for us to focus on your needs better, to allocate you to a small group of people, with similar interests, we kindly ask that you provide us with some particulars, by filling in the registration form. You have my promise: It is not going into a database, nor is going to be sold on to a Marketing group, nor your trust in us be abused in any way. You will not be a number and will enable us to be in touch with you within 48 hrs.

We began to approach our health from a pragmatic, logical point of view of an engineer, some 12 years ago. Everything in our world, as we know it, has a “Cause & Effect” correlation. If you do not like the effect, then you should be looking at the cause. If the symptoms of the effect can be alleviated safely with no side effects by medicine, preferably natural, or pharmaceutical, that is of course to be considered. One should consider very carefully the wisdom of the following questions:

  • Did you get a headache because you didn’t have Panadol?
  • Did you get Diabetes because you were not injecting yourself with Insulin?
  • Did you get Cancer, because you didn’t get Chemotherapy?

It opens “a path” for your mind to explore and learn from, that you were not taught neither in school or university, nor by your parents. You have been introduced to pockets of knowledge and ideas, that you considered implementing, but never formed as a “Concept of Healthy Living” with all the facets of that would affect your health and those of the loved ones. Like EMF radiation from your home or office Wi-Fi & mobile phone, nor the ingredients that are in your everyday products at home, or the agricultural chemicals in your fresh food, or the chemical preservatives that are used in food and water industry. We have been accustomed to never question those decisions of service and supply industries & governing authorities. Those ingredients are allowed to be used as “safe” and are never tested  for the long term effects on reproductive and endocrine systems. We will merely present to you those facts with recordings of interviews , statistics, sources and experts opinions. As well as ways how to reduce exposure, without limiting your contemporary  lifestyle and help your body to deal with rest. What you would do with this information – that would be your choice.

We would like to point out, that if you are in a steady relationship, it is strongly recommended that you book and attend with your “other half”, as you will need to discuss, agree and implement improvements of your future mutual life. It is our experience that the attending partner is struggling to convey the importance of acquired message to their other half, from a whole day with us. We as men, in particular, we tend to down-play our health, as it is perceived as weakness, until we get “the diagnose” or worse.  After all, it took us a decade to put it together in a succinct form that anyone would understand.

We are looking forward of the privilege of your participation and a long frinship.


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We are under obligation to advise you that we are NOT health practitioners, nor we are certified in any way to provide you with medical or health advise. Everything you hear on our events, is not to be considered an advise of any shape or form, but merely our humble opinion of what we considered for ourselves to be the right course of action to steer clear from health complications. We are not medical researchers, but health enthusiasts and the information presented AT ALL TIMES is the result of our many years of experience of gathering, collating and compiling information, published and researched, that we consider relevant and collaborating evidence to what it is that you are about to hear from us. We believe that a human body is of incredible intelligence & design and is always striving to heal itself, if provided with that chance. We merely would like to share with you a “healthy living concept” and integrate your and our knowledge to sustain that concept for your lives. Any information that you take with you from us, is to be used at your own discretion and responsibility, at your own free will. We encourage you to do your own research and should you feel not sure, please consult with anyone, qualified to do so on health and nutrition subject. If you suffer from any medical condition and wish to follow any of the suggestions that you hear from us or as a result of our lecture and you have concerns, please first you should seek the expert advice of a qualified medical doctor or health practitioner.

We here by deny any liability that may be the result of what it is presented to you today as we are NOT PRESCRIBING OR TREATING YOU.

Jack Nedelchev

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