For many of us, the sheer ability to get out of bed every morning is underestimated. Rather than a daily gift, it has become a routine that we have simply grown accustomed to. It is expected. Being well is our right to exist, isn’t it? But do we even know how to look after it?

Nowadays, we buy a new car or appliance so often and rely on the user manual for an explanation of the do’s and don’ts. For our vehicle, we have an owner’s manual that requests we take it in for a service at a specific time. Once there, the vehicle requires specific oil, grease, power steering fluid, brake fluid and antifreeze – right? Even as it gets older, we take it to be serviced by a mechanic we trust. If we don’t, sooner or later we will lose that vehicle, because we didn’t do what the manufacturer asked us to and now we have to buy another.

How do we service our own incredible vehicle? The most complex of all – our means to exist in this world. The unique entity we call our body and mind. It is self-evolving, self-regenerating, self-propelling, self-diagnosing, self-healing, self-replicating, self-….you name it. But where is the user manual?! There isn’t one, oh well! She’ll be right mate!

Hang on, there is something missing here. Somewhere along the line we have lost track of what should be our priority. How is it that we developed technology to land a man on the Moon in 1962, but we still haven’t mastered the art of dying of old age, rather than a modern disease. We’ve heard the myths of an old man calling on his sons on his death-bed to give his last words of wisdom. It appears he didn’t have dementia or Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. He had most of his faculties in play even on the last day. We don’t hear of that anymore, do we?

We have health checks annually and we stay well until we are not. Then we seek the help of the medical profession. They have a pill for that, a test for this, and so on. But do they really know what caused the issue in the first place? The funny thing is most of us take a proactive approach to our precious vehicles, but we are all too often reactive with our health. There is little concern about what goes in our mouth, on our skin and what’s in the air we breathe. As long as we look, feel, smell good and everyone likes us.

Thankfully, our bodies are so smart that they take care of themselves – most of the time – without alarming us of their deficiencies. They do this despite the fact we choke them with cigarette smoke, toxic air fresheners and deodorants with industrial ingredients. The fuel we put in is often medicated water, a rainbow-assortment of glowing drinks and food that has been processed, refrigerated and then deep fried for longer than we possibly know.

Do we really get what it takes to look after that precious, daily gift of life?

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Jack Nedelchev
Health Educator

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