Your Choice

Why wouldn’t you choose to change your brand of products?
  • Because like many of us, you have probably encountered a health issue, minor or major, and you don’t exactly like the idea of being on medication for the rest of your life. You perhaps already understand that most drugs treat symptoms, rarely the cause of your ailment.
  • You have seen someone, close to you perhaps, being diagnosed with a serious health issue and you may be wondering in retrospective: How could that been prevented?
  • A great concern for every parent: how can ensure that my children have the necessary nutrition to ensure best start in life, to grow as healthy, smart and productive human beings?
  • Wellness industry is over $300 Billion per year industry worldwide and still growing. Baby boomers are looking for ways to be active, age slowly and never retire. Many more people now understand that “Prevention is so much better than cure. What could’ve been better than to have your physical and mental health in the “golden age” of retirement to enjoy a lifestyle you saved all your life for?
  • As an additional source of income while you have a growing family, when you need it the most, there is very little investment required. Very low exposure and no money at risk. You will need some purchases however for your home office and some media tools like CDs, DVDs and other publications.
  • Low overheads. Unlike conventional business, you don’t need a premise – no rent, no utility bills, no employees, no boss, no travelling in traffic to/from work. You can claim tax on your home office too.
  • Your own business. Light, portable and people focussed. Local and global markets to develop your business formation
  • Access  to world class, consistent quality products that produce results at wholesale prices.
  • Established successful company with modern, state of the art R&D laboratory, production and warehousing facilities on every continent.
  • Genuine Tax benefits – depending on your own situation; many of the products that you would use and promote would be with demonstration purpose. That makes those tax-deductible. Some would be for domestic use and are not tax deductible.

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