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About me: I am Jack Nedelchev. I live in Brisbane and for more than two decades now I call myself an Aussie. I am an engineer and have an analytical mind. I don’t have a medical background, but by chance of destiny, I became a natural health enthusiasts. My journey started after a potentially serious autoimmune health problem, to which modern medicine was powerless to help and was offering nothing but symptomatic treatment and side effects.

About life: Like many other professionals, we began a gradual ascent up the corporate ladder, thinking that this is the way to success. We didn’t like where it was taking us thou; deadlines, stress, long hours, weekends on call, away from family life and friends. It affected our life and health to some degree, but nothing serious at the time. There must be something more to the “Rat Race” we were into. But what? More money? How?

We were with a mortgage, doing well. We were considering our options, like starting or buying a business, buying a franchise… looking for a way to have more time and choices, but were not discovering any real opportunities. In April 2001 Jack was made redundant, despite that he was very good at his job. Due to its specificity, It was impossible to find another one like this in Brisbane. A couple of years of searching went by; Jack was driving a taxi and decided that we needed to start something on our own. All possibilities that we have contemplated demanded a fair amount of capital as well as great financial risk, which we could not afford at the time. The rewards simply were not there. Jack decided to start from scratch a small conventional “One-delivery-truck” operation business, which was profitable, but was taking its toll in time, efforts and had its own risks. We were doing reasonably well considering the circumstances.

Native Bush Plant

Native Bush Plant (Rosemary Westringia)

Skin Allergy

Skin Allergy

The problem: In 2007, health all of a sudden got hit by an unexpected massive allergic reaction from a common native bush-plant (Rosemary Westringia). For over 3 months, nothing of modern medicine was of any help. The skin was eaten away by the body’s immune system. Doctors suggested to go on steroids  as well as antibiotics permanently. Steroids subdue and weaken the immune system, which open the door to opportunistic bacteria to feed on the damaged tissue. Therefore the need to have antibiotics permanently. We did not approve at this method as was causing a long  term damage to the body and was not helping for the long term recovery. It was not addressing the underlying problem, but nobody knew or had a clue what the real problem actually was, even the “specialists – dermatologists”.

The Recovery: We met someone, who knew someone else, that may be was able to help. It was suggested that the toxicity of the household products, as well as her “demineralization”, was the reason. We never thought about that – toxicity of household products??? Can’t be! Government regulates that!… That is how we came across the truth of the amazing intelligence of our bodies and how good quality nutrition can point to the path of great health. In less than a month – the swelling retracted, the damaged skin peeled off and fully recovered. As we were contemplating the recovery, we were considering the actual cause of the problem. We learned about how many harmful man-made chemical ingredients used in the mainstream food chain and personal care products, causing long-term health damage to unsuspecting consumers. Likewise, we understood that modern medicine was powerless against autoimmune health problems. Prescription drugs only could take care of the symptoms for a while, but rarely the cause. Little to do with preventing it. Now we know what exactly was likely that happen then.

The likely cause: Over the period of life, the body was accumulating toxins, from a variety of source in the skin: Creams, Sunscreens, shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics, deodorants, soaps, tap water etc etc., This lead to saturating the tissues with heavy metals like Lead (Pb), Aluminium (Al), Mercury (Hg),  etc.  and other chemicals, among others – SLS(Sodium Laureth Sulfate – CH3(CH2)10CH2(OCH2CH2)nOSO3Na), DEA or DEOA(Diethanolamin –  HN(CH2CH2OH)2.), propylene glycol – (C3H8O2) and many more manmade chemicals. Many well known carcinogens and pathogens are widely used by the cosmetic and personal care companies and are on the approved by the government ingredient list. No government body, as far as we know, regulates or police those ingredients in Australia. Being so, the immune system could not detect those chemicals and it was on a lookout for what was causing all this toxicity, natural pathogen like bacteria or virus, or something of that kind. Since those chemicals are not found in their form in nature, the immune system didn’t recognise them. That caused over sensitivity to a variety of natural substances, known as allergies. The oil from that plant, being of natural origin, which the immune system could recognise its proteins, triggered the acute immune response. It has falsely identified those proteins as the cause of the toxicity, leading to the severely damaged skin, as it was saturated with the toxins from the mainstream personal care products that were being used. Like anyone else, we were looking for answers from the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry, but those  were never there.

The Solution: We replaced all our bathroom products with new safe, toxin free personal care products and was taking orally natural Multi-minerals, multi-vitamins and antioxidants, which allowed the cells to clean out and the liver to now produce antidotes to those toxins. The damage stopped and those nutrients initiated the self healing body detoxification process. Now the liver had all that was necessary to remove the toxins from the tissues. The antioxidants reversed the damaging oxidation process, the inflammation quieted down and the acidity was neutralised. The immune system was returning to her normal functions.  Body balance was restored. The allergy never came back since then.

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