General Health

Normal Blood pressure.

Jack has been always healthy individual. When he was 22 in the Navy, he had perfect 120/80 blood pressure. But when he got over 40 years of age, his blood pressure started to very slowly creep up to 130-135/92. He was told, that it is normal with age. He is a regular blood donor. About two years ago –his blood pressure was checked again. It was 118/78. The blood pressure of 22 y.o. astronaut. All those minerals, multivitamins and antioxidants have restored the flexibility of the blood vessels. He also felt a bit of a heaviness and pain near the ankles and the calves, caused most likely by heavy toxins. It was hurting if massaged. All that is gone. Since his body is detoxified now. He lost about 6 kilos and kept them of. Metabolism is tuned and every morning, from bed – straight to the toiled. All gone.

Freckles gone.

She had fair skin and freckles on her face and arms. After taking colloidal chelated organic minerals, multivitamins and antioxidants for a while, she now  has fair, soft skin and no freckles. It come to show that beautiful skin comes from inside out and demonstrates the condition of your inner organs as well. Not because someone is using a really expensive skin care product that in fact is forcing your skin to exfoliate.

Rare visits to the Doctor

Last time we visited our family doctor it was for a routine check. None of us has been in his examination room for a long time. He was very surprised to see us visiting his clinic. He asked:
”Are you still at the same address?” To which we replied affirmatively.  “Why are you asking?”
He said: “ I have not seen neither you for more than 2 years now. I though you have moved back to Europe.”
We then confirmed: “No, we are still there. We just don’t get sick anymore.”
The Doctor then said: “How so? Not even a flu? All of you?”
“Let me guess, you are taking supplement.” The doctor shook his head in disbelieve….No comment!

Ex Cat walk model Lupus – not anymore.

A cousin is a female cat walk ex-model. Had an autoimmune condition called “Lupus”. Typically it is a life long condition, affecting various organs like heart, lungs, skin, kidneys, liver etc. The immune system attacks the body’s cells and tissues, resulting in inflammation and tissue damage and premature ageing. Was strongly allergic to sunlight, with 5 min of exposure. There is no cure, she was told…  Most likely contracted from the extensive exposure to the toxic make-up, creams and perfumery. Had it for many years and there was absolutely nothing that her doctor could do for her, except prescribe her immunosuppressants. She started using products free of toxins, as well as regularly taking vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In a few months, she was in remission.  No person alive can convince her that this did not happened as a result of the body detoxification from the quality nutrients. A few years later, she was diagnosed to have a malignant breast cancer lump. We all believe it this was the result of toxic antiperspirant deodorants with aluminium components in it. The lump was confined and surgically removed. Her blood test did show that there was no other cancers growing at this time anywhere in her body. Thanks to her nutrition intake.

5-year-old child with haemophilia

Condition which prevents the blood from clogging. After one month on the products, blood tests showed he did not need to have the weekly injection with the medicine anymore. The parent thought may be a coincidence. They stopped it for a while and the condition returned.

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