Our bodies are perfectly designed and are equipped to handle viruses, bacteria and other invaders. We have skin, stomach and intestinal membranes that stop them and for those who get in, an immune system that recognises, kills and disposes of their genetic garbage. There are layers, upon layers, upon layers of immune defence against bacteria and viruses, but none towards man-made chemicals. Of course there are dangerous viruses that could potentially kill you, but they usually don’t have chance to do that against a healthy functioning organism at its best. There are potentially dangerous micro-organisms right now in your body and are not making you sick. The truth is that microorganisms are opportunistic and will multiply and grow only if you have damaged tissue and your protection is down. There is an argument as well as to the tissue being damaged on the first place by the microorganisms, which is unjustified. If harmful chemicals penetrate, our bio-system doesn’t recognise them and scrambles up the immune response. Did you know, that your immune system would act the same way to harmful chemicals in your body as if there is a micro-organisms invasion? The difference is that those layers and layers of immune defence, your protectors against bacteria, cannot detect the enemy because is dissolved in your plasma or cell tissue, mimicking a hormone. Hard to fight what you cannot see isn’t it? Then immune defence is likely to triggers killer cells to destruct all contaminated cells in tissues, causing an allergy. The modern medicine response to that – steroids to suppress immune response.

Introduction to the immune system
White blood cell chasing bacteria
Immune System – Natural Killer Cell

See for yourself how defence in your blood streams deal with foreigners:

Then there are your protein antibodies tagging for destruction anything foreign, T-cells (the immune system investigators) and natural Killer Cells. The former are your Special Forces Team(SFT) which is with one task only – Search & Destroy. They do not discriminate, have no memory and don’t care what type of cells they destroy as long as it rogue. They respond to various proteins, called antigens, which are usually located at the membrane of the foreign or cancers cells, called pathogens. If foreign antigen is discovered, protein antibodies are manufactured to tag those. Then our Killer Cells attach themselves to the damaged cell and inject deadly load of proteins, which kill those foreign cells within seconds, destroying them completely. Not even DNA trace is left. Then the genetic garbage is flushed out of the system.

You may have heard of Free Radicals damage. Molecule missing an Oxygen electron( Pos.charged) and is looking for it from a healthy cell(usually  Neg. Charged). This can be the result of our metabolism. But also it could be because of some chemicals contaminating our bodies through the skin, ingested, inhaled etc. If there are not enough natural antioxidants from your food, willing to give up an unpaired oxygen electron, then is causing oxidating damage to the cell, forcing it prematurely to age and die.

Home Truths

Ever wondered about all those modern diseases – the top 10 killers of the 21-century – that are not caused directly by bacteria. You would be right. Some say it is genetic. According to scientist, only max 17% is due to genetics, the rest – 87%  – caused by LIFESTYLE. But those damaged genes that we inherited from our parents were fine at some point of time. How did they get damaged? The damage may have started from the parents, while the baby was still in the mum’s womb, while being surrounded by toxic soup. No decent mother would do that on purpose. The likely cause is usually lack of minerals from the food; toxins filtering in through the skin, inhaled, ingested etc.

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