Modern Medicine


There is no doubt, whatsoever in crediting all those wonderful highly trained and hard working medical professionals, that are on their posts day and night, genuinely fighting to the best of their abilities for those in immediate danger of their health. No doubt that medicine has gone further than ever before with state of the Art medical facilities, diagnostics, imagery and surgical equipment. There are many, many outstanding medical practitioners, doctors, surgeons, nurses, staff etc. who genuinely help people. They are truly great in bringing injured back to health from industrial or car accidents, burns to their bodies, heart attacks, strokes etc, where patients are in immediate danger for their health. That is to be admired and it is undeniably great. It is said “If I have an accident, please do not call my nutritionist.”

Body Nutrition

However, their training in nutrition, disease prevention and identifying the true origin and causes of modern diseases is inadequately insufficient. Many Doctors regrettably do not believe that lack of nutrition and inadequate diet is the source of all illnesses and deny it as methods of therapy. Which means that the notion is completely ignored, that the human body is a ultimate self propelling, self healing, self generating, self controlling bio-mechanical marvel, that when understood what it does, can only be admired from a distance and fed only the cleanest, nutritionally rich food and water that it needs. Genetically Modified Grains or Food (GMO), the meat from growth hormone fed cattle, pigs and poultry, the farmed wild variety of fish, processed food with added preservatives, food enhancers, microorganism inhibitors etc. as well as treatment with pharmaceutical drugs, when sick, can make sense only when you consider our modern busy lifestyle. A dollar-a-day supplementation, combined with clean sustainably grown organic food, with good nutritional content, could save you from years in pain and drugs as well as the scalpel of a surgeon.

Symptoms are not the problem!

Ask yourself this: if you had being diagnosed with depression, was it because you were deficient  of antidepressants? If you had asthma, was it because your body was missing Ventolin? If you had heart problems, did it develop because your body didn’t have heart medication? If you had a headache, is it because you were Panadol or Neurofen deficient? Of course not, but do you understand how obvious the answer is?

Why concentrating exclusively on eliminating the symptoms, rather than addressing the underlying cause? Because consumer wants and expects that. We go to the Doctor to give us a pill for everything and expect an immediate result. If it doesn’t hurt, then is no longer a problem, right? We have totally missed the point of preserving good health because we have drugs. When was the last time you went to a Doctor and you are asked personal questions like:

What is your food intake? Do you have reflux and/or heartburn? How often? When and how often do you have bowel movement? Is it hard or soft? Is it smelly? What colour it was, did you notice? Etc?

Veterinary science has established this long time ago. This is the very first step vets do when they come to sick animal. They check his faeces. Digestive process is lying in the origin of almost every disease. Why modern medicine is deviating from that?

Minerals in farming.

Any farmer knows that is vital to give mineral supplements to his animals. Not doing so, will see himself going broke in a matter of year or two. Supplementation is on top of the food that is consumed. Chooks would lay soft shell eggs if they don’t get their calcium supplements. Cattle and sheep will have serious health problems, starting with their thyroid glance,   if they did not get their Selenium(Se). When did you supplemented your body with Selenium? Nowadays there are more minerals in dog food(about 40) and lab rats food(about 28) than baby food( no more than 14). So CONSUMER – BEWARE of your choices in life.

The Authorities.

Would you climb on board a plane, if you knew that the pilot is an expert in cruising, navigating and landing, but has not sufficient experience in the taking off the plane? If your answer is like ours: Probably Not, then you are like everybody else with a common sense.

We rely on Authorities to set minimum standards for professional training and ranking as per their flight experiences, sets procedures for compliance etc. and we trust those Authorities to do their job. That is why we fly with confidence to our desired destination. We are not concerned how much sleep did the pilot had, how much did he had to drink last night or what flight experience he has. We trust the system to do this for us. We just get on board.

We are not concerned that the plain manufacturers would use their fortune to influence safety authority to relax those requirements or airlines to have substandard maintenance or equipment. This could lead to aircraft emergency or accident and would have catastrophic consequences for their company image and detrimental effect to their business.

The Faith in the system!

Why it is then so many people do not inform themselves of the alternatives to prescription drugs, surgery, chemotherapy and blindly rely on what the “Doctor said”? Because we have the same believes in the system. Can a doctor be genuinely wrong or partially correct? Of course they can. Are they not human and do not make mistakes like the rest of us?

In America, the statistic reportedly show that approximately 106 000 people die every year from prescribed medicine. These are the people who took their prescribed drugs as directed by medical doctors. In Australia, death by overdosing on prescription drugs is the second most common hospital death, keeping in mind, that not all case are reported as such.

Just Common Sense.

As previously mentioned, we are not scientists nor have any formal medical training  apart from first aid training. We have engineering background. We have analytical minds and common sense. It seems to me that modern medicine’s biggest riddle for a long time and current dilemma is: How do we deal with autoimmune disorders and its varieties?”

The Immune system – Not the Enemy!

According to Wikipedia: Autoimmune diseases arise from an inappropriate immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body (autoimmunity). This may be restricted to certain organs or involve a particular tissue in different places. The treatment of autoimmune diseases is typically with an immunosuppressant — medication that decreases the immune response. A large number of autoimmune diseases are recognised.”There are about 160 autoimmune serious diseases mentioned. If unlucky to have one, then you go to the Doctor. Doctors then give you steroids (immunosuppressant) to subdue the immune system response, which is supposed to help us fight bacterial and viral invaders. The body then tries to fight back, hence the intake of more powerful steroids. It leaves the door open for the development of more bacteria, so we are given even more drugs and antibiotics. Your body is left without defence on its own, drained – our health down the tube, because of the exposure to those drugs.

The System.

That poor patient, who had the misfortune to fall into this trap, has now become the subject of endless procedures, tests and treatments, followed by more of those, to a well oiled, financed and resourced machine. It consists of Medical Institutions; Research & Testing facilities; Governing Authorities or the lack of them; Pharmaceutical Giants; Medical Universities; Hospitals & Doctors; Medical Equipment & Drugs manufacturers; Retail Pharmacies; Medicare – all attached to the bosoms of billions of taxpayers’ dollars that takes the form of a “National Health Budget”. That goes on until the subject is proclaimed cured or dead, hopefully the first before the second, but not until billions in revenue are made….In fact, it is a felony for a Doctor to treat patient by not approved drug or method, including Vitamin & Mineral prescription, as well as IV injections of vitamin C.

This could be anyone currently residing in the Western World, who does not take any trace minerals and vitamins as supplements, has poor vegetable and fruit diet, blissfully unaware of what is to be expected. Man or woman, child, adolescent or adult, famous or average citizen.

Do yourselves and your family a big favour and watch this documentary on You Tube – “Cancer, The forbidden cures.” It changed our lives the first time we saw it and has done so for many others

Cancer, The forbidden cures

Cancer – the biggest modern killer.

Contemporary medicine’s response to Cancer, is Surgery or Laser therapy if cancer is localised, or Chemotherapy. The idea of Chemotherapy is to kill the Cancer cells before the patient. It is a concocted poison, heavily priced,  aimed at the cancer cells, but it is not selective and unavoidably spreads through the whole body, affecting healthy cells as well. The statistic : 2 of 3 people will have some form of cancer throughout their lives. Worldwide, Cancer claims the lives of approximately 20,000 people every day, which translates to 8 Million people every year. According to Cancer Council of Australia website,  every day 182 people are diagnosed either with prostate, breast, bowel, skin and lung cancer, and according to Channel 9 ACA, every 6 hours someone is diagnosed with inoperable brain tumour. According to Cancer Council one of the reasons for this static is “Low Fruit and Veg Intake”……


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