Our ancestors were drinking water from wells, creeks and billabongs, filtered by the sand and rocks – washing off all the soluble minerals from the soil and providing our bodies with vital trace nutrients. We replaced that with mineralised fizzy drinks, full with sugar, flavours and artificial sweeteners, like aspartame. What about the water we suppose to drink now? There are currently about 50-60 additives in our tap water, one of the most recent once is Fluoride. All designed to “better” our water. QLD ex-premier Anna Bligh during the fluoride overdose in the drinking water of Moreton bays Council area, made a comment in front of the media about chlorine and fluoride claiming to be“safe for humans”. It is also known that fluoride is not a mineral and is not required in our bodies as it is cancerogenic. Governments were lobbied by scientist and public organizations endlessly not to put fluoride in QLD water. There is no risk assessment done, no safety studies by dental or medical authorities, no evidence that fluoride makes teeth better. Au contraire. It actually cracks and crumbles your teeth and bones, by actively seeking your Calcium, depriving the body from one of the most needed mineral. What defies logic is that even if it did help your teeth, why should we ingest it? Anna Blight said that she would be personally responsible if someone gets sick because of Fluoride. Well, she is in NSW and has recently undergone chemotherapy herself…Would you believe anyone like this to know what is best for you?

Be aware that if you have been harmed by fluoride you have no right to compensation as the QLD Government has passed laws to ensure that it is not liable for its mistakes in water fluoridation.

Here is what has been published on Channel 9’s A Current Affair website:

“Recent international research has linked chlorinated tap water to birth defects, sparking health concerns over the quality of our tap water quality. So what exactly is in Australian tap water and should we be worried?

Environmental expert Jon Dee says that while there are additives added to Australian tap water there is nothing for people to be alarmed about.

“The two main additives found in Australian tap water are fluoride and chlorine,” explains Dee.

Fluoride is useful in water as it protects our teeth against decay while chlorine is used to disinfect the water and safely transport it to our houses. Acceptable additive levels in our water are determined by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. The guidelines provide a national framework to ensure there are no harmful levels of fluoride, chlorine or any heavy metals found in Australian tap waters.

There is no issue with drinking chlorine,” says Dee. “Medical research says that [diluted] chlorine is safe to drink.”

Households may also find traces of heavy metals in their tap water, depending on the quality of the pipes the water is transported in. There will also be calcium carbonate levels which is what leads to the terms ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ water.

“Just as you remove packaging from food you can also remove the ‘packaging’ from your water,” he says. “Some people prefer to use a water filter to remove chlorine and any traces of heavy metals, but it is a personal preference.”…

 So is your preference to have heavy metal, fluoride and chlorine in your tap water? If not, then you have to cope with the cost of filtering it. If you choose to filter your water, please ensure that your filter has active carbon layers, which by the way does not remove fluoride, but it does stop most of the chlorine and most of the heavy metals. Please ensure that you change your filter regularly as per manufacturers instructions. Fluoride would not evaporate either if you boil the water.  Fluoride is toxic and it predominantly seeks the calcium and other minerals in your body, depriving it of vitally important minerals to maintain your bones, heart, cardiovascular system and organs.  The symptoms of fluoride poisoning include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, skin complaints, neurological problems, numbness and tingling of face and extremities and fatigue. Those are typical symptoms for chemical poisoning.  To remove fluoride from your water, you will need a “Reverse Osmosis (RO)” type of set up. But then you have to ensure that your water is mineralised after this, as reverse osmosis removes everything. For more information on fluoride and what it is doing to your body, please go to www.qawf.org , which stands for “Queenslanders for Safe Water”.  The USA site is based in NY and is www. fluoridealertaustralia.org where there also some great articles. Be sure to go to the Key Resources page and watch the videos. Don’t miss “Fire water”: www.firewaterfilm.com.

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