Why Big Business and Authorities don’t want you to know this?

Just like anyone else, we never thought that we could be harming our own health just by using of the shelf mainstream products and processed food from the supermarkets. We knew that manufacturers are using preservative, micro-organisms inhibitors etc, to extend the life of their products. We just didn’t know the full story. Any presence of bacteria in their products is diminishing the shelf life and could be exposing manufacturers, retailers as well as authorities to legal liability. But astonishingly, regulators do not adequately focus on the chemicals that these companies are allowed to use in those products. There are too many new household chemicals and not enough time nor resources to properly test those chemicals and its effects on human cells, endocrinal, immune and other systems. The Safety tests are conducted by the manufacturers themselves and the Safety reports submitted to regulators. How comforting? The same was said about DDT, asbestos and tobacco too and we all though it is OK to use it.

The exposure to those chemicals is from birth to adulthood and their combine effect on the body is seriously detrimental. The damage is slow, inconspicuous but consistent and could demonstrate itself much later – when impossible to be tracked back to the manufacturer and status of limitation then may apply. Many of those chemical are endocrinal disruptors, mimicking oestrogen and other hormones, putting our endocrine system in hormonal misbalance. Furthermore, your doctor will then most likely be prescribing medication for those symptoms, possibly manufactured by the same corporate giant that made you sick on the first place. The same manufacturers that spend millions of dollars on advertising that are causing the microbes psychosis. Remember this one: “It kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria”; “It is not clean unless is Pinoclean” etc. Those corporate giants would have their PR and would sponsor and contribute to “Shave for a Cure” event, The leukaemia foundation and perhaps sponsor a fundraisers to finance “Breast Cancer research” or “Alzeimer” or “AIDS” and will appeal to our decency as citizens to “join the cause”, so we don’t feel guilty.

All you do is fueling their conquest for better image and money. And we don’t even know it.

“In oncology departments at the hospitals you can see on the food menu cakes with caramelised sugar on it being served to Cancer patients. It is well known that cancers feed on sugar and sugar is also causing internal inflammation, when not digested. In cancer patients this is more than likely to be case. No green diet either. In fact the food intake is considered as irrelevant to the healing process.  All Cancer patients are vitamins and minerals deficient, but nobody prescribes them vitamins or minerals. In fact, we were told by a pharmacist that all practicing doctors in Qld are not allowed by law, to inject intravenously Vitamin C. Those medics that do, charge about $230 per injection and no more than 2000 mg per day, which is a drop in the ocean.

Current Australian Federal Government is budgeting for 20 Billion medical research fund spread over 3 years, not without the direct procurement from the Pharmaceutical industry. But nobody is rising any questions from the Media, as those same companies are large spenders in the media, Media barons are not going to ruin that income stream for the sake of the truth, would they?

On our opinion, $200 million in educating the public will see Cancer in this nation eradicated, but no Big Pharma will allow that to happen.  For now….

If you are blood donor, you would know that at the end of the blood donation there used to be a voucher for Subway, which now is a snack at the back of the van. Those snacks are extremely rich in sugar chocolates like “Sneakers”, “Mars”, “Kit-Kat” bars , cordial concentrate drinks, milk shakes with at least 6 spoons of sugar in them,  instead of fruit and vegetable or natural juices. What that tells you of the level of nutritional knowledge of our “Health” system. Our modern western medicine does not see a correlation between food & health. Many doctors will tell you that vitamin supplements “do not work”, “waist of time & money” or “expensive pee”. Why it is that you need to eat? What is that you are made of if not from what your body can extract from food?  So, do yourself a favour, and learn how to protect your health, because once it goes, the “Health” system is not going to get back for you. You will be taking drugs by the handful. A year from then, you will be taking another handful to counteract the side effects of the first handful of drugs. Statistic in America show that if a person is exposed for more that 6 months to the medical industry, it is likely that will not survive for more than 10 years, suffering allopathic death.

Did you know that overmedication and medical negligence with prescription drugs(allopathic death) is the 3rd most common cause of death in hospitals after CVD and Cancer. And new hospitals and wings are being build all the time. The new wing of the Mater Children’s Hospital at South Brisbane is ready and, we are told, is for children born with cancers, tumours, leukaemia and similar. When someone with Authority will tell those families that this is not bad luck and stop this suffering?

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