Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks
I Beat Cancer with Vitamin B17
I Beat Cancer with Vitamin B17, Update
Apricot Kernels Kill Cancer Cells

According to Dr Leonard Coldwell and many others, every cancer can be cured in weeks.

It is NOT an overstatement, NO mistake here.

This is correct. We saw it  with our own eyes and helped it happen .(see Cancer testimonials) Cancer is nothing to be feared of, however the Modern Cures for it: Chemotherapy and Laser therapy – Be afraid, very afraid. Here is why:

Cancer is not a disease, but a metabolic state. In fact, someone else has written a book with that title before we even came to this conclusion ourselves: It is Andreas Moritz and his book” Cancer is not a disease”.

Cancer is not a disease

He states that body will develop cancers, after all other defences have failed, due to the prolonged abuse and lack of nutrition, in order to protect your body. We happened to agree fully and even state: if your body did not develop some form of cancer to deal with the acidity, toxicity and inflammation that has been suffering, you would have been dead long time ago, before you even knew that you have cancers. Again, we are not researchers or medical practitioners of any kind. We do know, however, that our magnificent bodies will find the most extraordinary way to protect us and keep us alive, just long enough, so we can put some beneficial nutrients and come back from the path of death, even if we are so ignorant to submit them to a continuous and vicious abuse. What it means is that if your body have minerals and proper nutrition, will always come back to health. But don’t expect that to happen if you have gone too far and you will reverse that by having some raw fruit and vegetable every day. Too little, too late.

A cure is the substance or procedure that ends the medical condition and as such, for Cancer does not exist as it cannot exist, as per our humble opinion. Just like Scurvy, that has killed millions of sailors two centuries ago due to Vitamin deficiency, it is a METHABOLIC state. We all know that now. Just like Cancer, it was then considered a genetic disease, because generation after generation of sailors died from it, one after the other. According to,  Metabolic :” Relating to metabolism, the whole range of biochemical processes that occur within us (or any living organism). Metabolism consists of anabolism (the buildup of substances) and catabolism (the breakdown of substances). The term “metabolic” is often used to refer specifically to the breakdown of food and its transformation into energy.”

What that means?

Our bodies, when continuously exposed to harmful chemicals, particularly manmade, combined with the lack of essential & trace minerals and Vitamins, essential for sustaining life and for the neutralization of toxins, for prolonged period of time, are likely to become Acidic. Normal body pH for mammals is lightly alkaline. Becoming even slightly acidic, triggers a massive response of our bio-system to neutralise escalating acidity as it is life threatening. Acidity comes from the digestive tract, particularly the stomach.  It is a defensive reaction of our digestive tract to become acidic when under attach, as our body interprets that the damage is a viral or bacterial invasion. This happens as well as when wrong foods are consumed, with food additives, preservatives and colouring. Having reflux and/or heartburn  is the symptom of that happening. It then allows malicious anaerobic bacteria in the digestive tract to develop exponentially producing organic toxins and gazes. Beneficial, benign, aerobic bacteria then is killed as it has no sustainable oxygenated and alkaline environment.

Acidity, Inflammation & Oxidation

Then that acidity is transfused to the blood, which if acidic, will harm the haemoglobin cells and there would be no oxygen supply to the brain. Death is imminent. The body is in extreme stress, despite that we wouldn’t normally know it. Therefore the need of minerals and in particular Calcium(Ca) is vital, to neutralise the thread of acidity. If Calcium is not readily present, then is extracted from anywhere that it has been stored, particularly the bones. It is survival priority No. 1 for the body. It relies on the future food intake for those minerals to be supplemented and if not, then the likeliness of very sinister problem, like acute osteoporosis, cancer, heart problem or rheumatoid arthritis etc. It is not bad luck, not bad genes. It is just bad management of your body. Remember, our bodies are extremely intelligent. It will do all possible to keep us alive for another day, but without vital supplies – cannot last forever.

Cancer is not the problem!

It is the result of the problem. Burning the Cancerous growth and poisoning it WILL NOT resolve the underlying problem. The underlying problem is metabolic deficiency of minerals, Vitamins and natural antioxidants . Correct that, by saturating and supplementing with real organic quality supplements, plus exclusive raw green vegetable diet, combined with introduction of beneficial symbiotic bacteria to your digestive track and watch the Cancer going away like snow in spring, in a few weeks.

Do Not focus on the symptoms!

As an engineer, we are not focused on the symptoms, because symptoms are not the problem, but the result of the problem. What is causing those symptoms and correcting that state is the REAL solution. Lets imagine, If you have a real nice expensive car and one day, as taken for a drive, the red light “Check Engine” with a light warning sound inside, comes up. You choose to ignore it for a while, hoping it will go away by itself. And it doesn’t. Then it get so annoying, that you stop, get your snippers from the trunk, open the hood, find the wire of that annoying alarm and you snap it. No more alarm here. Problem fixed…..Or is it really?

In time, this will grow into an even bigger problem.

Would you do that to your precious pride on four wheels? No….Then why do you do that to your body and wonder why is it betraying you?

Start thinking with your whole body. Treat it as integral functioning entity….

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