A 46 year young lady, Mrs G with sometimes food indulgence habit, normal weight, is diagnosed with cancer in the large intestine in Jan 2013. Automatically, and with a sense of urgency, the Medical response is Chemotherapy and Radio/Laser – therapy. After about a 18 months, she had 23 chemotherapies and 32 radiotherapies. After each radiotherapy she is pronounced Cancer free, only within a couple of weeks to have more cancers growing, this time in the lymphatic nods. Due to the Radiotherapy she is admitted in the Emergency  3 times with 3rd degree burns on her internal organs as wells as her rectum. Her organs are so much burned that she is virgin again. Similar case, another lady, as a result of that has all her female reproductive organs taken out not because of the cancer, but the treatment. Barbaric, isn’t it?

Nobody demands answers, nobody is charged; nobody is investigated, nor prosecuted.

She starts to do her research and find out about the Garson method, with supplementation and diet. The chemotherapy and radiotherapy have done their damage already. It seems too little, too late. Since she was still able to absorb nutrition, it wasn’t too late, despite the fact that she was in stage 4 Cancer in the lymphatic nods, sent home to die. On 9th June, 2014 she has not consumed anything for 3 days, just some water with lemon squeeze in it. Has no energy to get out of bed. Her skin was grey.  She has given up and her family too.

Mrs G, having nothing else to loose, with the help and support of her family and friends agreed to take on regular basis a strong dose of multivitamins, colloidal minerals, super symbiotic and a strict diet of green vegetable smoothies, all grinned together because she couldn’t swallow anything solid. In 4 days time, she was baking a banana cake and 3-coarse-meal for her family. In another 2 weeks, all her visible cancer growths were remitting and leaking, changing colour and dying. Additional nutrition, caused massive cleansing process orally with nausea, anally as well through the skin in hot baths in Epsom salt solution. In 3 weeks all small cancers, which were the size of a large butter beans, have dissolved and the body was now closing the hole, where they once were. The large cancer growth, the size of a child’s fist, was shrinking and leaking excessively. It has changed colour as well from healthy pink to dark reddish brown. She had pain as the nerves were reconnecting and rebuilding the tissues, but she was remitting the cancers.

In a month time, Mrs G and all her family were convinced that she made it back to life. Her skin was changing colour, had energy and appetite and she was slowly putting on weight. She started taking increased doses of Vitamin C intravenously and orally. Her body was coming back to life. Her blood tests were showing no abnormal results, except low haemoglobin levels. That was improving as well. Her blood has 100% oxygen saturation.

Currently, in remission but very complicated detox, trying to extract the debris of the dead cancer growth in her lymph.

The Doctor are still in disbelief of what was happening before their eyes.

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